Home Extensions

If You Can’t Build Up, Build Out – With A Home Extension

Many home-owners today are choosing to stay put in their existing house and are opting to extend rather than going through the trauma of selling their home and moving location.

It’s true, the outlay on an extension can be a lot of money, however you do end up with the size of home that you want, in the area that you like, and, if you do things right, you will have added considerable value onto your property.

As with any major project, there are a lot of considerations, from initial designs to planning permission to costing out each stage of the project, to keeping the neighbours onside throughout the build.

That’s where we come in.

We have designed, planned, and executed, countless extensions throughout the Morecambe and Lancaster area. We know the layouts of the various designs of buildings, we know what works well where, we know what the planning officers are likely to accept, and what they’re not, and we know how to maximise your options.

Are You Considering An Extension?

If you are considering having an extension to your home, give us a call today. With our years of experience we will be able to point you in the right direction and guide you in making the right choices to maximise your investment.

Call Garry today on 07912 647074 to discuss your options.