Loft Conversions

Stop Wasting Space – Get A Loft Conversion!

Many of us have underutilised space in our homes. Often, vast amounts of space, that could be turned into useful extra living space and at the same time add extra value to your home.

Quite often, when our families grow up, we think of moving to a bigger house.

It makes sense right?

The kids have grown bigger, they take up more space, and your current home starts to feel cramped. But there is a solution that doesn’t involve uprooting everyone and moving somewhere new.

The solution is a Loft Conversion.

Your current loft space can quite easily be turned into an extra bedroom, relieving some of the pressure on the rest of the house.

And if it’s going to be built for a teenager, they will love that independence of having their own little haven of space.

If you’re considering a loft conversion, even if you’re still at the early stages, give us a call and we’ll be happy to offer friendly free advice.  We can provide you with loads of information on the whole process of the conversion, what’s involved at each stage, and how long the project is likely to take, and whether or not you are going to need planning permission.

So whether you’re wanting more space for a growing family, or you fancy using that space for your own private office, we can show you examples of our work which, hopefully, will give you some inspiration and confidence about what, exactly, is possible.

Give me, Garry, a call today on 07912 647074 and I’ll be happy to talk through your options with you.

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